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Austravel announces its new charity partner, the Penguin Foundation

Leading UK Australasian travel specialist, Austravel, has recently announced the Penguin Foundation to be its new long term charity partner.

Austravel’s partnership with the Penguin Foundation, in association with Phillip Island Nature Parks, supports a variety of areas with an annual project focus, enabling a colony of 32,000 little penguins and the island’s wider wildlife to flourish for many years to come. In 2018, the focus will be on the Summerland Peninsula Project, restoring and maintaining an area of 900 acres of fully protected penguin habitat.

Karen Joyce, Austravel General Manager, comments, “We are delighted to announce our partnership with the Penguin Foundation. In addition to fundraising and promoting this great cause, Austravel’s partnership with charity signifies a wider commitment and dedication to help and support the conservation of local areas and wildlife across Australasia. With the help of our clients, including the travel trade, we hope to raise over £10,000 over the course of 12 months for the charity. ”

Whilst little penguins spend around 80% of their lives at sea, swimming and foraging for food, Phillip Island is a vital refuge for the animals to breed, raise chicks, moult and rest. Unfortunately, modern life and human impacts, such as introduced predators, over exploitation of marine ecosystems, oil spills, marine pollution and climate change, can threaten little penguins and their ecosystems.

The Penguin Foundation aims to raise funds to support world-class research, conservation, wildlife rescue and rehabilitation and education projects to protect Phillip Island's unique biodiversity. With the help of donations, the organisation is continuously investing in new research to help better understand Phillip Island’s biodiversity and how the charity can best enhance and protect it.

Lauren Jones, Penguin Foundation Officer, comments, “We are very excited that Austravel has chosen to partner with the Penguin Foundation. It is through the generosity of our supporters, including Austravel, its clients and the British travel trade, that we are able to fund important scientific research projects that study Phillip Island's native wildlife, including little penguins. We look forward to working with the team throughout the year ahead.”

As one of its many experiential activities, Austravel also arranges excursions to Phillip Island, allowing travellers to visit Phillip Island’s conservation-based attractions, including the unique Penguin Parade that take places every evening on the island.

The Australian Escape itinerary, part of Austravel’s new Signature Collection, offers the perfect example of how to incorporate Phillip Island into a tailor-made itinerary. http://www.austravel.com/holidays/signature-collection/australian-escape

Austravel clients, via the travel trade, can donate to the Penguin Foundation, in association with Phillip Island Nature Parks, by adding an optional £2 donation per booking.

Stay up to date with Austravel’s fund raising via its social media channels; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

For more information on how Austravel is supporting the Penguin Foundation, or to learn more about the Summerland Peninsula project please visit www.austravel.com/partners/penguin-foundation or http://www.austravel.com/summerland-peninsula-project.


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